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Are you fed up with low-quality translations that read like "translations"? I know it isn't easy hiring total strangers to do excellent work on tight deadlines. And there's obviously no shortage of "translators" with lowball offers that promise you the moon—can they really all deliver it?

A good translator appreciates and captures the nuances of what is being said in different texts and this can only really be achieved by having a flawless command of the source language and being a native speaker in the target language.


In order to ensure a top-quality output, I only translate into my native language, English and into my areas of expertise. I also only take on projects that I am confident of handling and that actually interest me. Technical translations are what I like most and what I do best, so if I accept a project, you can rest assured that I will give it my very best effort.


Any translating, proofreading and editing work that I accept will always be just for my fields of speciality, mostly related to my studies in Mechanical and Renewable Energy Systems Engineering as well as IT and the aviation & automobile industries. Thanks to my studies and work experience in Switzerland, when I translate a document I write as an engineer naturally would, and I do so only in my mother tongue English.

I can deliver the results that connect your audience with your product, increasing your profits and making you look good, on time and with zero worries!

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